Rooster Rumble

Administrator / February 12, 2024

The “Rooster Rumble” Slot Review: Unleash the Glory of Ancient Cockfighting


“Rooster Rumble,” a vibrant creation by PGSOFT, catapults players into the heart of the Warring States Period, where the thrill of cockfighting reigns supreme. Emperor Qi’s grand cockfighting competition, featuring the fierce clans Wu Shixun and Huang Da, becomes the centerpiece of this exhilarating slot. As you navigate the lively event, filled with powerful gamecocks and intense betting, the chance to win generous prizes awaits. Will you harness your intuition, support the victorious clan, and live a fulfilling life in this epic rooster rumble?





Visuals and Theme:

“Rooster Rumble” captures the essence of ancient cockfighting with stunning visuals and thematic elements. The 6-reel, 4-row layout, with an additional row for each of reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, showcases vibrant symbols representing the game’s rich historical backdrop. The design transports players to a bygone era, filled with excitement, tradition, and the spirit of competition.




Gameplay and Features:

PGSOFT introduces engaging features that enhance the gameplay in “Rooster Rumble”:


Sticky Wild Symbols: The game features sticky Wild symbols that contribute to creating winning combinations. These symbols remain in place for a designated number of spins, increasing the potential for consecutive wins.


Win Multiplier: A dynamic win multiplier accompanies the Free Spins Feature. Triggered by collecting 3 Scatter symbols, the feature starts with a x2 win multiplier. The multiplier adds an extra layer of excitement, amplifying the thrill of each spin.


Free Spins Feature: The highlight of “Rooster Rumble” is the Free Spins Feature, offering 8 free spins upon activation. During this feature, any Wild symbol that appears on the reels starts with a value of 5, enhancing the opportunity for significant prizes.


Cultural Significance: The slot pays homage to the historical significance of cockfighting during the Warring States Period, adding depth and authenticity to the overall gaming experience.





Audio and Atmosphere:

The soundtrack complements the theme with lively tunes and ambient sounds, capturing the energy of a bustling cockfighting arena. The immersive audio enhances the overall atmosphere, immersing players in the excitement of the competition.






Final Verdict:

“Rooster Rumble” delivers a dynamic and culturally rich slot experience that combines historical elements with engaging gameplay. PGSOFT has successfully created an epic adventure, allowing players to relive the glory of ancient cockfighting while aiming for generous rewards. Immerse yourself in the world of “Rooster Rumble,” support your chosen clan, and let the vibrant roosters lead you to victory in this thrilling slot adventure!


Rooster Rumble





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