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The “Mask Carnival” Slot Review: Unmasking the Riches of Venice

Administrator / February 12, 2024


“Mask Carnival,” an entrancing creation by PGSOFT, transports players to the world-famous Carnival of Venice, celebrated for its dazzling masks and legendary contests. Steeped in history and tradition, the carnival was believed to protect Venetians from misfortunes, ensuring health and wealth for the coming year. One of its main attractions is the prestigious contest for the most beautiful mask. Don your mask and immerse yourself in the Mask Carnival to unveil the secrets that lead to untold prosperity.





Visuals and Theme:

“Mask Carnival” unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of the Carnival of Venice, capturing the essence of its world-renowned festivities. The 5-reel, 4-row video slot features symbols reminiscent of elaborate masks, carnival costumes, and the enchanting atmosphere of the celebration. The intricate design and vivid colors create a visual spectacle that transports players to the heart of the carnival.




Gameplay and Features:

PGSOFT introduces captivating features in “Mask Carnival,” enhancing the gameplay and reflecting the carnival’s allure:



Shifting Reels: The slot introduces shifting reels, adding a dynamic element to the gameplay. As winning combinations emerge, the reels shift horizontally, potentially creating additional winning opportunities and heightening the excitement of each spin.


Increasing Multiplier: During the Free Spins Feature triggered by collecting 3 Scatter symbols, players are awarded 10 free spins with a starting win multiplier of x2. The multiplier has the potential to increase by 2 for every extra reel added.


Free Spins and Symbol Wins: In addition to the initial 10 free spins, players have the opportunity to win 1 free spin for each symbol present on the reels during the Free Spins Feature. This innovative feature adds an extra layer of excitement, allowing for extended gameplay and increased winning potential.





Audio and Atmosphere:

“Mask Carnival” is accompanied by a festive soundtrack that captures the lively spirit of the Venice Carnival. The immersive audio, combined with the visually captivating graphics, creates an atmosphere resonant with the vibrancy.





Final Verdict:

“Mask Carnival” emerges as a slot that not only entertains but also immerses players in the rich tapestry of Venice’s grand festivities. PGSOFT skillfully combines innovative features, stunning visuals, and thematic authenticity to deliver an engaging and rewarding gaming experience. With its shifting reels, increasing multipliers, and free spins with symbol wins, “Mask Carnival” stands as a testament to PGSOFT’s commitment to captivating gameplay. Step into the carnival, unmask the riches that lie within.


Mask Carnival





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